Scheduler and Calendar

Reslink Scheduler is a web-based responsive graphical scheduling interface with the latest easy drag-and-drop technology.

You can schedule multiple resources, such as employees, locations, sites, assets, forms, recurrence, services and appointments. Reslink platform then allows you to connect and configure your planned activities with the alerts based on the resources above.

All mobile application users can use the calendar in their location-based application calendar view.

Please feel free to download the application, including the demo about the calendar.

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Help-desk Service Request, Service Order, Problem Ticket, Trouble Ticket, Work Order, and Incident Report all mean the same thing.
Someone, or something, requires some type of help, maintenance, service, or repair to be performed.

Reslink Help-desk / Ticket module allows you to do all this and create Tickets via the web (help-desk) or optionally via mobile application. There is also information available related to your needs about:

– Nearest employee km / miles (map view)
– Skills categorization based on employees
– Area, based on employees
– Pictures of the location
– Equipment listed in the location and specific equipment user manuals
– Equipment SLA (Service Level Agreement) or the customer SLA
– Priority

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Locations and Sites

Reslink locations /sites pages are the master data place for your location information. Customer locations, site(s) addresses, postal and other location-based details are saved to this module. Google Maps for Work integrated to the platform offers nice tools for mapping addresses. This easy way to categorize the locations into different areas and districts provides better reporting possibilities. NFC linking management and Barcode creation based on the location (1D,2D) are in place. Location-based stocks (asset management) and Reslink File Manager can also be location / site(s) based..  API’s exists for external systems and import-export in the start is easy via CSV, Excel.

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The employee module administrates your mobile users and their credentials. Employee-related mobile rights can also be configured in this module.
Employee details and different kinds of skills and rights can be saved here. Employees can be grouped easily, and different types can be created.
Mobile employee GMT areas can be flexibly configured (if employees work in different continents), the languages employees use can be updated from this module. File Manager and employee-related scheduler/calendar are also parts connected to the module.

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Terminal Management

The terminal management module is where you can create an application for your iOS or Android terminal. You can manage your terminal base through this page. The Reslink application will collect IMEI’s of the devices and SIM IDs’ for you to manage the terminal base. There are also options to use MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions for application distribution. Some popular MDM’s include SOTI, Airwatch and Mobileiron. If you want to use MDM, we are happy to integrate your choice of MDM into this module.

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The alarm module is a powerful alarm engine which tracks the Reslink transaction-based solution events. Through this module, you can configure alarms based on different business actions that will occur on this platform. Mobile application transactions usually create many different kinds of alarms. Alarms can be incidents, exceptions reported using a panic button in the mobile app, or just a unique report from the customer. The alarm can pick up different kinds of defined templates to be sent to the desired emails, mobiles (SMS), mobile apps or optionally through the API to another system. Alarms are also shown in real time in the control room module. This module is important when your business is really about the time, for example, guarding.

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Allows the monitoring of specified locations over a chosen time-frame. If the system [Reslink Admin-panel] does not receive a transaction for the tagged location during that period, it will automatically generate an alert.

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Manage your planned (strict time window) and unplanned (any time) rounds easily by creating a site and location. Then configure your round order and give to-do tasks and guidelines at the locations. Real-time Round reports and exception reports will be beneficial management tools that you will achieve by using Reslink rounds.

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Control Room

The Control Room is a full-screen administrative page where you see a summary of your transactions. It is all about the exceptions in the end so not started works, incomplete tasks, alarms and alerts can all be combined into one display – Control Room.

The audit trail can also be managed from the page and closing the exceptions and others can be done efficiently. All the information in one place on one display.
What more can you dream of if you want to manage your field force in real-time?

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The service business is a lot about selling the recurrence for the services. We believe all companies want to sell services which are recurring in the future. Location / site or equipment servicing needs are variating so occasionally the next planned visit is not so easy to plan. The Services module is the place to save the services you are selling to your industry which are recurring. You can define the frequency of when the service needs to be executed again. The recurrence can be location, site or equipment specific as well, however, this is the page for creating the standard services.

The module has been updated from fly to Reslink mobile apps (iOS and Android).

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The asset equipment module is a master data place for your field asset types. Proper asset management requires stock and equipment management. You can define the stocks to be location-, site-, employee- or terminal-based. This gives you the option to transfer your equipment between the stocks.

Usually, the equipment is first in the main stock then they will be transferred to the car and from there to the end location. The equipment module also has different categories for your equipment/items to help with the searches. Equipment-related user guides can also be linked here if you do not have a place for guides. The equipment module subgroup is also unique equipment contract management, which is usually about following the dates: manufacturing date, installation date, agreed service dates based on the service plan, equipment contract start and end dates, and more. This is connected to the equipment asset-related SLA’s. If you would like to run equipment driven SLA’s contact us.

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Spare Parts

Spare parts are an important part of the well-working equipment / asset service. You can manage your spare part lists from the Reslink spare part module and group spare parts into different groups. You can freely add comments related to the spare part can provide good information for the mobile users and manuals related to the specific spare part are also important.

Through the spare part plan, it is possible to create according to the specific unique equipment when the master data of the spare parts is in place.

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IoT Internet of Things

IoT (Internet of Things) is about sensors to monitor the temperature, on/off status, humidity, vibration, pressure and various environmental measurements such as pH, carbon monoxide, noise, and litres. The readings from these sensors are sent to Reslink cloud and if they exceed a predefined threshold, an action may be triggered based on rules defined by our customers, such as the creation of a service job which is dispatched to the service technician who is closest to the asset with the correct skill set and who is available. Arduino, Raspberry Pi and various kinds of sensors are possible to integrate into the Reslink platform.
Ask more about our business cases via mail

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Reports Management

Automation creates big value for the customer relationship management, exception or any kind of task management. Template Builder is an important part of the Reslink platform and provides an opportunity to create any kind of template for emails, SMS or others. In this template automation sending management module you can determine who will receive the defined template.html with the desired mail(s)
Examples include:

Service done – Send a summary report about the service done to the customer.
Guarding exception reported – Send a report to the supervisor and location-based customer.
Audit done – Send an audit template to the shop supervisor.

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Graphical Reports

Graphical reporting is what everybody is expecting today. We have good tools for creating the reports on the data you collect with the Reslink platform.

There are so many examples and business cases that have reporting needs that we cannot ultimately say what reports we can create for you.
Our graphical reports are responsive, meaning that you can browse these reports using your mobile, tablet and PC/Mac. In bigger business cases we deliver the data to the advanced KPI BI tools, such as Microsoft PowerBI or Tableau or similar.

You can benefit from the advanced reports we have, but if your organization has invested in the BI tools, we are happy to deliver the data via API to your end for analytics.

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File Manager

The File Manager module is a place for your documents. Files can be, for example, employee-related, location-/sites-related or equipment-related. It is all about the security and space you need for your files. We run GDPR, so a data processing agreement is always signed between us, so we both know how to take care of important business data. Your file manager can also be hosted by yourself, and solutions like Dropbox, Onedrive, Sharepoint are then a discussion of integration. Save your files and use them efficiently in the field!

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Template Builder

Template builder is a nice drag-and-drop web-based solution for creating different kinds of HTML form templates from your collected business data or optionally generate nice customer mail templates about the service visits you do. You can import your existing template in HTML format to the tool and then collect the data to the right locations in the form from the Reslink database and save the template. After you are satisfied with the look, you can automate the template reports form (Report templates sending automation and management module) .

This tool is our enterprise tool and training is mandatory to have a right use it. You can find the training packages from here.

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The patented App-builder is a unique part of the Reslink platform. You can find more information about it from the App-builder page here.

Create Android or iOS applications from fly using this intuitive tool. Different types of data collection nodes are easy to define to your application and business process. We have created thousands of apps over the years. To get to use this tool you must come to the training.

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API’s and Integration

The world is integrated, so we are prepared for that. We have ready done API’s in our platform, for example, for employees, locations, customer data, and more.
Our API’s can be found from our integration module. The easiest cases are simply file transfers via SFTP, however, deeper real-time integrations are done via API. Contact us about the integration, we are happy to help.

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Our software infrastructure supports different languages. If you need to create or modify the language, you can do that via web-admin panel and change the wording instantly. Admin users can do this, and we are happy to offer an option for creating different languages. We currently have 10 in place. This way we are global and not only can we support different languages, but also continents.

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From the Themes module, we can modify the colors of your web-admin panel. Logos and icons can be changed based on your specific needs. This way the platform can be white labelled to your business. We have several partners and end customers who have their own look on the web-admin portal.
It is all about the design.

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