App Builder

App Builder

The Reslink App Builder is a cloud-based tool for creating and managing professional mobile apps that provide location and context sensitive services by utilizing NFC/RFID, GPS and 1D/2D barcode technology.
  • Quickly create mobile apps utilizing leading edge mobile technology
  • Simulate the retrieval of real data from back-office systems
  • Install, test, change and customize the apps in front of the users
  • Integrate the tested apps to live back-office systems
  • Remotely manage future app changes and updates
The functionality of your mobile apps can range from simple real-time proof-of-attendance functions or data capture services (textual and multimedia) to complex two-way question/answer services that request data from external systems and return relevant information to the mobile device.

It takes 5 simple steps, and your apps are ready for usage:
  1. Create an app in the Reslink App Builder.
  2. Send it over-the-air to one or multiple mobile devices.
  3. Install the app on the mobile device(s) following the standard installation procedure of the device operating system.
  4. Login with a unique username/password combination and test the mobile services you configured.
  5. Make any changes necessary in the Reslink App Builder and they will immediately appear on the device(s).
  • Leveraging Reslink’s leading edge mobile front-end technology, the Reslink App Builder enables you to focus on your core competences instead of constantly having to worry about the rapid new developments in this field.
  • Reslink’s proven API makes integration into existing back-office systems as quick and easy as possible, and allows simulated integration for even faster mobile app prototyping.

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