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Reslink platform is industry proven MRO

(Maintenance Repair and Operations)

Field Service platform.

Improve and manage your field process with the Reslink SaaS service combined
with the advanced mobility and IoT successfully deployed in the MRO business.

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Mobile Features

Asset List View

mro assets

Flexible Asset List View gives you full access to your assets at the field.
Developed and managed with Reslink Enterprise Tools – AppBuilder

Services Recording

mro serviceRecording

Service card example. The MRO Service Form was built to support your business in a flexible way using the Reslink Enterprise Tools – Appbuilder

Service Card

mro serviceCard

Example: The contracted Device Service Card contains basic customer information and information on spare asset parts. Managed and created with Reslink
Enterprise Tools -Appbuilder

Tickets View

mro ticket

Mobile Ticket View lists your urgent tasks. Relevant information is shown based on your definition. Usually, location contract SLA’s, assets and spare parts information are important to show how to reach the efficiency targets.


mro picture

Picture taking can be added to any place in the MRO application flow. It is possible to take multiple pictures and add timestamps to the picture.

Signature Collection

mro signature

The customer signature is a relevant business task confirmation. Usually, this is collected at the end of the visit, or based on the process’ needs.


Asset management

Assets are taken care of in the MRO. Advanced capabilities to follow up the asset history, repair and documents related to the asset are important in increasing efficiency. Having the right employee fix the right asset at the right time will generate the EBIT for your MRO business.

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Plan scheduled visits for your resources

When you sell service contracts you will agree on planned visits for the next year or future years. Visits need to be planned into your calendar and this is your contract-based MRO business ground. Resourcing to these sold scheduled contracts is then connected to your employees’ availability and their skills.

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Spare part management

Equipment repairing requires spare parts. Recording the usage of the spare parts is an invoicing related function. The availability of spare parts is also an important factor in effectiveness. Furthermore, it is possible to create an advanced spare part plan with Reslink, which is usually related to the manufacturer-planned service cycles.

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Time management – Services recording

Even the most primitive field force business needs to know how much time was spent at the location. In the end, it is all about time. Time is always reported, but executed services can be recorded in the Reslink system.

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Location tracking

MRO is all about the locations. The location-based solution delivers real-time information about visits, assets and employees. Reslink allows you to take care of your locations master data and create a successful MRO business.

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Unplanned visits, helpdesk- tickets

There will be unplanned tasks in your MRO business. Unplanned visits can be handled through the helpdesk ticket function. The data history and full view of the customer, location facts and assets are available in the same view. The desk simply needs to allocate the right person for the task.

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Employee skills based allocation

Some tasks will require a special skills person to solve the problem. If you categorize and manage your employees’ skills data you can send the right person to the right location at the right time using Reslink.

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Equipment maintenance reason codes

Each equipment is unique, thus contains unique specific problems. The problems vary, however, recording the data will generate a lot of valuable decision data about the equipment service for the future. The reason code database is a value you can monetize.

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SLA management for your services

Customers will ask SLA (Service Level Agreement) about your service. It is important to record and plan the SLA related timestamps and follow up the SLA pattern. Help your business and your customer with better SLA management. Customer-/site-based, and equipment-based SLA’s are possible.

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IoT Internet of Things

Our customers are moving from a reactive, break/fix field service model to a proactive, preventative model. IoT (Internet of Things) is about sensors to monitor the temperature, on/off status, humidity, vibration, pressure, and various environmental measurements such as pH, carbon monoxide, noise, and litres. The readings from these sensors are then sent to Reslink cloud.[…]

If the readings exceed a predefined threshold, it can trigger an action based on rules determined by our customers, such as the creation of a service job which is dispatched to the service technician who is closest to the asset with the correct skill set and who is available.
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Reports histograms and pie charts

Reporting based on your business data is provided in responsive ways to your mobile, tablet and PC. The real-time platform provides real-time reports. Collected MRO data can optionally be delivered as you wish to another BI solution, such as Power BI or Tableau.

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File manager for your MRO files

File manager is a secure place for your files. Usually, these are location, employee or equipment related information files. PDF, Excel and Word are the most common ones. The beauty of this file manager being connected to Reslink platform is that all files are conveniently available and can be picked up easily from the mobile apps and any device. Other commercial file clouds can also be connected (Sharepoint, Dropbox etc.).

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