Product Resellers

You are probably a sales driven software team, MVNO or operator.
Sales and SaaS software exist in your company DNA.

Reslink has productized cloud SaaS products which can then be resold, for example, our and many others.

By entering this program, you will be committed to purchasing SaaS licenses in bulk from Reslink and reselling
these under your company name, creating a revenue for your organization and your best-selling SaaS team.

Contact us if you would like to create a portfolio-based long-term business model by
selling leading-edge SaaS products.

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Value-Added Resellers
(Trained Enterprise Tool users)

Our VAR’s (Value-Added Resellers) are software companies and business
vertical specialists who know what vertical needs and can
implement SaaS software for their customers. Reslink has been running
this VAR-model for already 10 years. We have several VAR’s who are
trained to use our Enterprise Tools to create value for the
end customer processes with the digitalization.

By entering this program, you will first be evaluated by Reslink.

Reslink VAR’s will commit to being trained for a minimum of 3 days to use the Enterprise tools.
We have use cases and different business vertical templates ready for you.

You must also commit 2 software persons and
1 salesperson for the 3 days of training.
After the first training you will be a “senior Enterprise Tools” specialist.

Contact us and create your own success with the leading digitalization tools.

Contact our partner manager