Template builder

Template builder is a tool for joining the application data and creating nice HTML emails and PDF outputs to the emails you define

Existing forms can be imported and data can be easily connected to the templates.
Data about who, what, where and when can be reported efficiently.

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Template Builder

Reslink provides different customizable templates to help you create the right look for your automated emails, alerts and invitations related to your business process.
Our Template Builder makes it easy to add your logo and pick different colors and fonts to your form and also connect your mobile application  (Form Application) data to the template. This is a nice, easy and efficient way to automate your business data and send it out to your customers and employees. The template builder is an integrated part of Reslink App-Builder.

We provide training for our technical resellers about the App-Builder and Template-Builder. These tools create the ultimate combination for solving the customer’s digitalization needs.

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