Reslink’s employee onboarding

Reslink’s employee onboarding service is a mobile application driven employment process including employee data collection, document checking, signatures and various health and safety checks.
Digitalized employee onboarding creates ultimate efficiency for the employee driven businesses.
Please contact our sales if you want to try this application and process.

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Enjoy the easiness and the automation level of Reslink’s services.

Use your mobile or tablet to capture your new employees.
All data in digital format from the start.

Mobiles and tablets can be used to capture ID Documents making it easier to do Right to Work checks on the go.

Our employee onboarding service will help your organization digitalize the whole employee onboarding process. You will reach the database-driven employee admin panel, and the time from the start of recruitment to the employment agreement is cut to seconds. To find out more about Reslink employee onboarding and what our solution can do for your organization, please fill out the form and we will contact you shortly to answer your questions.

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