About us

We are a Finnish company with a considerable international foothold, offering our one SaaS product – Reslink Platform – for the ever-changing needs of the mobile workforce. We take pride in our customer-centric approach, always aiming to adapt our offering to serve your needs the best by supporting your ways of working.

Our locations



Founded in Finland, Kerava. Currently most of our team is in Espoo.


Part of our development team works remotely from Hungary.


This is where the second home of Reslink is. In addition to sales, we also have a network of partners and resellers in the UK. If you interested to hear more about our partnership, please contact our MD Elisa (firstname@reslink.fi)

Our Story

Reslink was established in 2005 in Kerava, Finland to provide maintenance services for the brewery industry. Our first customer was the Carlsberg Group, and we learned a lot about the industry, its software and application needs, and processes from this experience. We continue to have strong knowledge of the industry and serve our maintenance customers with our upgraded system.

Over the years, we have also started serving customers in the cleaning and security industries, as well as the healthcare sector. Our newest customer industry is real estate, where we focus on helping our customers improve and digitise their tenant and resident experiences. Our mission is to digitalise our customers' business processes through our scalable global software as a service platform.

Today, we are proud to have happy and loyal customers from various industries, and we believe that  Reslink Platform is better than ever. We also see that the digital transformation is still in its early stages and there is a lot of potential and opportunity across industries, processes, and use cases.

The facilities management industry (and many adjacent industries) is currently undergoing changes and improvements through digitalisation, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. The opportunity for digitalisation is vast, and Reslink and its partners are well-positioned to capture it and help the industry evolve.

Meet the Account Team

Amir Pas

Enterprise Account Executive +44 783 782 2795 amir@reslink.co.uk Amir Pas LinkedInissä

Raine Kuosmanen

Technical Development Manager +358 44 23 13 335 raine@reslink.fi Raine Kuosmanen LinkedInissä