Workflow Management

Supporting different jobs and visits

Use the Work Management module of Reslink Platform to manage contracts with recurring or on-demand visits. This easy-to-use service allows you to create transparency between you, your team, your subcontractors and customers by logging jobs, reporting their completion, and sending automatic notifications on progress. Keep all time sheets and work slips safe in Reslink Platform, and have all work instructions, scheduled visits, and daily reports in one place in real time.

Digital Forms & Asset Management as a part of Work Management

The Work Management module in Reslink Platform is based on a highly flexible work order engine that supports all the capabilities of the Digital Forms service. This means that any digital form can be used to create and handle work orders. The Workflow Management module also seamlessly integrates with the Asset Management module, allowing you to report on asset movements while handling work orders, such as during machinery installations or the usage of consumables like detergents or spare parts. Assign jobs using push messaging or a drag-and-drop calendar view to the appropriate people.

Work Scheduler and Task Management

Let Reslink Platform take care of creating and assigning repetitive jobs or tasks. The Work Scheduler functionality allows you to define the frequency of the routine, whether it is something done multiple times a week or with an interval of weeks or months.

The Work Scheduler functionality can include either day-specific checklists or a free-format rich text description of the agreed work. Allow your workforce to report their progress by checking items on their daily task list or filling out a more sophisticated Service Report including spent hours, driven distances, and consumed spare parts and other moved assets.

Learn more about using the Work Scheduler feature in the cleaning and service management industries.


Job Requests from the Field

Have jobs or tasks created from a mobile form submission. Any mobile form produced by Reslink AppBuilder can be used to create a work order in Reslink Platform, whether it is an incident or hazard observation, a reactive or ad-hoc job, or a survey carried out to quote for work.

Include prioritisation, free text, classification, and images in the tickets, and have all the filled-in information to help your mobile workers complete the created work. You can send automated notifications to the relevant stakeholders via email or push messaging to ensure the fastest possible response.

Job requests can come directly from customers or your in-house workers identifying opportunities for improving service or upselling additional tasks. Job requests can also be used by your subcontractors to log their own work, providing information such as why and where they are working.

Example use cases include:

  • Incident/alarm reporting in manned guarding
  • Reactive job creation by customers in cleaning
  • Quote calculation and work order creation in cleaning

Work Orders from Back office

Reslink Workflow Management system also allows the creation of jobs from a comprehensive web interface that includes similar capabilities to the Job Requests section above. This is a great option for use cases where work orders are received and created by a call centre or customer service.

Work orders can also be received from an external system via an integration, bringing over all the information in the initial work order including images, descriptions, SLA values, and physical location. Reslink Platform can also send back any desired information on the resolution of the work order to the originating system, making the process seamless and keeping all parties informed.

Example use cases include:

  • Internal helpdesk for various purposes
  • Maintenance/installation non-recurring work management
  • Reactive special cleaning jobs (such as graffiti removal or bodily fluid cleaning)
  • Household issue reporting to the real estate management system



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