Time & Attendance

Multiple ways to track time 

Reslink Platform offers a multitude of ways to track elapsed time, and this is utilised by the Time & Attendance module, which is one of the core features of the platform. With Reslink Platform, you can follow elapsed time based on a visit, task, or simply on a workday. These can also be combined to follow the length of an entire workday while also recording customer visits.

Complementing the other modules of Reslink Platform

The Time & Attendance Module is seamlessly integrated with other modules in Reslink Platform. For instance, the Workflow Management module can be combined with tracking of a task or visit-based time. The same applies to Digital Forms: Clocking in and out can be embedded with starting to fill in a form and submitting it as finished.

Always tailored to your needs

As with our overall solution, the Time & Attendance module is always tailored to your needs. In addition to the previously mentioned capabilities of attaching this module to others, the way of generating T&A events is always built for the need. It is possible to have shared terminals on sites, personal devices, or both to record the spent time. Clocking in and out can happen by reading an NFC tag or giving an employee a specific PIN number.


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