Sinebrychoff implements Reslink Platform for efficient and accurate quality control of Coca-Cola products

Sinebrychoff, a member of the Carlsberg group, is the approved, quality responsible Coca-Cola bottler in Finland. The company is responsible for monitoring and measuring the quality of Coca-Cola products from vending machines throughout the country.

Challenges in quality control efficiency

Sinebrychoff faced a challenge in terms of efficiency and reporting when it came to the quality control of their Coca-Cola products. Technicians were using outdated devices and paper to take measurements, which was a time-consuming and cumbersome process. The technician had to remember the expected measurement ranges for multiple dimensions and use the outdated device, which resulted in a lot of errors.

Reslink Platform for easy data collection

Reslink approached the problem from the perspective of the end user and took into account the reporting needs of Coca-Cola. The primary goal was to make the data collection process as easy and user-friendly as possible. This resulted in clean and accurate data that met the highest quality KPI and reporting needs. The new app also supported the FI business in complying with SLA. The Coca Cola Quality Index (QI) parameters were respected, and reporting dashboards created real-time views for managers, chains, and Coca-Cola. Additionally, all data and device information were location-based when the mobile application was in use.

Simplicity and Accuracy Achieved

According to Mr. Jari Nurminen, Technical Manager of Technical Service at Sinebrychoff, "Reslink has brought simplicity and accuracy in our Coca-Cola quality control process. We now have clean and accurate data of every point of sales and the error rate has decreased dramatically. We are now real-time and fully accurate in our KPI reporting operations. Reporting for Coca-Cola direction is now easy. Coca-Cola QI audit can happen from our perspective any date or time. All data is always in place. The quality assurance metrics are all automatically calculated by the Reslink mobile application and also saved to the safe cloud. The process is more accurate, reliable and faster."


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