Use Cases

Workflow Management

Invoice visits faster by never losing a time sheet or work slip again. Create transparency and save time between you, your team, your subcontractors, and customers. All in one easy-to-use platform for logging, following, and completing jobs – on demand or recurring. 

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Ensure customer compliance by planning and executing predefined or undefined patrols or routes with checkpoints. Ensure check-ins are authentic by utilising a combination of NFC tags and GPS information. Get reports of completed and missed rounds automatically. 

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Digitalised forms

Save time, money, and help the environment by replicating paper forms with our app, enriched with mobile capabilities such as automatic timestamping, capturing photos, automatic location information and much more. Have all submissions archived in a safe, cloud environment. 

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Asset management

Have real-time knowledge of the whereabouts of all assets, including any movement history of any individual asset. Maintain a real-time view of stock levels of consumables needed in your work. Identify assets and serial numbers easily with barcodes or NFC tags. 

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Time & attendance

Enable your employees to clock in and out easily either by a push of a button or by simply showing their NFC fobs. Combine personal mobile devices and shared terminals. Get comprehensive worktime reports and automate them to be sent automatically to you. 

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Employee Lifecycle Management

Ensure a safe work environment and quality of service by reducing deficiencies in employee trainings. Save time and money by having all contracts digitally stored and distributed. Follow the lifecycle of each employee from signing the contract to off-boarding if they leave. 

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Add-on Services

Get more out of the Reslink Platform with our additional services. Notify your personnel via push messaging with updated instructions, additional work, and more. Handle space reservations or service invoicing through an easy-to-use web shop handling payments securely via Stripe. 

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Meet the Account Team

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