Digital Forms

Replace any paper form with a digital form

Replacing paper forms with our applications will save you time, money, and help the environment by utilising mobile capabilities such as automatic timestamping, capturing photos, and automatic location information, and much more. The Digitalised Forms module is a core component of Reslink Platform, created with the AppBuilder - a highly flexible, non-code platform - enabling the creation of easy-to-use and purpose-built native applications for Android and iOS operating systems.

The Digitalised Forms can replace any paper form in an application format, and there can be any number of forms in a single Reslink Application - always tailored to your specific need. Digital forms offer the ability to capture images, attach files, and add timestamps and GPS information using the capabilities of the mobile device. Form submissions also link seamlessly to your customer and employee data, making it possible to link a submission to a specific contract and site, and to the person making the submission. These features help to reduce the need for manual input and thus reduce the likelihood of human error, ultimately improving the trustworthiness of the reported data.

Secure and accessible

All digital form submissions are automatically stored in Reslink Platform in a secure and easily accessible way. Reports of filled forms can be distributed automatically on submission to relevant stakeholders, such as your regional management or customer representatives, or as a periodic digest report daily, weekly or monthly.

The Digital Forms module integrates seamlessly with other modules in Reslink Platform:

Employee Lifecycle Management

Onboarding a new employee with a digital onboarding form, and having a user profile, contract of employment and credentials for the work application automatically generated.

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Time & Attendance

Tracking check-in and out timestamps, and elapsed time from opening to the submission of a service report, providing the information of time spent on site.

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Asset Management

Making stock transfers on the submission of the service report.

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Workflow Management

Marking a job as done on submission of the same service report, always keeping the planned and executed work in sync. 

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