Rounds - scheduling recurring routes

The Rounds module in Reslink Platform is the ideal tool for scheduling recurring routes to conduct checkpoint visits on any type of area, from a shopping mall to a part of a city.

Gain a comprehensive view for management to plan the rounds and routes by determining how often they should be completed. Create different schedules and add different checkpoints for different days of the week, or a separate schedule for weekends and business days, depending on your needs. The system will handle the repetition of the rounds after the initial setup and send automated alarms for any planned round that wasn't carried out. You'll also have a real-time view of any pending or ongoing rounds, and an accurate report on who completed which round, which checkpoints were visited and when.

Mobile application tailored for your needs

Rounds in Reslink Platform are completed using an easy-to-use mobile application that is tailored to your individual needs using our AppBuilder. The mobile application will help your workforce carry out their work more effectively by reminding them to start a round, directing them to the next checkpoint, and providing checkpoint-specific instructions. The tailoring of the application allows for easy and efficient combination of Rounds with Digitalised forms and Workflow Management modules, allowing for more accurate reporting of visits or anything out of the ordinary.

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