Platform Integrations

At Reslink, we understand that our platform may not meet all of our customers' software needs and is often integrated into an existing software infrastructure. To get the most benefit from digital tools, it is important for the different systems within that infrastructure to communicate with each other in order to minimise manual work and reduce the risk of human error.

  • Receiving data from an external system in a set schema, which allows you to update customer, employee, and asset information that can be used by your mobile workers through their mobile applications.

  • Sending raw mobile data out of Reslink Platform in a set schema.

  • Sending structured data out of Reslink Platform that can be used by Business Intelligence software, such as Microsoft Power BI.

    • Sending Workflow Management data from creation to completion and everything in between.

    • Sending Rounds data containing all completed and missed rounds, as well as visited and missed checkpoints.

    • Sending Digital Forms data gathered in the field.

    • Sending Employee Lifecycle Management data from onboarding to exit.

  • Using a configurable integrator to send out Workflow Management job data for selected events, from creation to completion, along with any desired information.
  • Using plug and play communication with Visma Tampuuri to serve our real estate customers, enabling real-time synchronisation of spaces, reservations, issues, notifications and their recipients, and tenant information.


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