Employee Lifecycle Management

Status of your employees and much more 

The Employee Lifecycle Management module of Reslink Platform is designed to take care of and engage with your personnel throughout their tenure. An Employee Card view is at the center of the Employee Lifecycle Management module, providing a snapshot of the status of your worker starting from their contractual information and the trainings they have done or are still expected to do, all the way to their work activities and stock information - all presented in one condensed view.

Digital Forms to support Employee Lifecycle Management

This module has been built in close synchronisation with the Digital Forms module, enabling the same tailoring capabilities that are present with other forms. Start by having your own contract of employment in an application format, automatically distributing the working agreement and creating the needed credentials for the platform. The close relation to Digital Forms is also present in handling the need to update an employee record, making it possible to update all contact, contractual, and next-of-kin information with a single application. All data is kept in a secure and accessible cloud environment, freeing your time from filing and searching for employees' information.

Keep track on training and changes 

Keep track of the skills and knowledge of your workforce by specifically assigning required training based on job titles. This way, you can let the system take care of making the newcomer  training plan for you. This also informs you who is still lacking some training.

The Employee Lifecycle Management module makes it easy to handle exits, disabling automatic system access, and providing information of company tools and utilities given to the employee during their tenure. 

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