Create transparency, accountability and traceability with your entire workforce. Reduce business costs through efficiencies by reducing time spent on administration. All this and more from our provision of real-time information.

Creating value for security companies

Reslink Platform creates transparency and reduces business costs by increasing efficiencies through reduced time spent on administration. In addition, our provision of real-time information allows for better quality of service to be presented to the client, as they receive automatic reports on events and rounds.

Tailored for different users

The employee app is simple to use, guiding them through the necessary actions. For instance, when conducting rounds, only the relevant information for check points is shown, and notifications can be customised to display different content. The app's design focuses on ease of use, as well as safety features such as a panic button.

From a manager's perspective, the app allows for more information to be gathered from the field and sent directly to the client, eliminating the need for redundant work.



  • Improved efficiency on security processes on the field
  • Improved transparency between field, back office and customer

  • Less time spent on management

  • Compliancy from proof-of-visit

  • Easier contract fulfilment from digitalised task lists

  • Fully integrated to digital audit trail



Typically conducted using NFC tags. The system manages the creation and monitoring of recurring patrols and tours of guarded sites and alerts of any anomalies, such as if a task begins too late or takes too long.

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Workflow Management

Alarm response work can be managed through the work management module, including ad hoc and push notifications.

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Time and Attendance

Track check in and out timestamps, providing the information of time spent on the site or during rounds. The module can be combined with digitalised forms or / and NFC tags or GPS-information.

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Digital Forms

Customised digital forms to replace traditional paper forms for cleaning companies, which can be used for documenting work, internal compliance, and meeting external customer requirements. The forms are stored electronically in the Platform and can be easily searched and accessed with advanced search functionality.

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Push Messaging

Reslink Platform's push messaging allows easy, real-time communication between field staff and managers, improving efficiency and eliminating the need for long WhatsApp chains, lost emails, or ad-hoc calls.

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Get more out of Reslink Platform with an integrated solution – whether it is analyzing your KPIs with PowerBI, invoicing your work, or fetching customer and asset information from an ERP.

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Improved safety, better decision-making and internal compliance

Overall the Platform leads to improved safety through the use of panic buttons, man-down alerts, and improved knowledge sharing. Furthermore, having incident history readily available leads to better informed decision-making in the field. It also provides for internal compliance through digital forms for tasks such as welfare checks, alarm response reports and incident tracking.

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