Asset Management

Know the location of your assets

Reslink Asset Management module is designed to keep a constant record of the whereabouts of your company's assets. Reslink Platform allows you to assign trackable stocks to workers, customers, and warehouses, and makes it possible to move individual serialised devices or larger quantities of assets from any stock to any other stock.

Utilising the asset information in different modules and systems

The Asset Management module seamlessly works with the platform's Workflow Management module through Digitalised Forms. Reslink Platform allows keeping the asset information synced between systems via integration, for example, fetching any changes in item information from an ERP system and updating any changes in quantities to another system.


For Management

Our web interface is designed to serve personnel in a management and back-office role, enabling the creation of new serial numbers when new devices are distributed to the field. Additionally, the web interface allows adjusting the quantities of any stock values and moving assets from one stock to another, either as a single or a mass transfer.


For Field Force

The mobile interface is designed to serve the purpose of your field force by integrating stock actions into existing workflows. This is achieved using the platform's AppBuilder. With the mobile application, your workers can, for example, check the assets in a customer inventory before going on site, helping them prepare the needed parts for the repair, or check the stock value of stored detergents to determine if they need to bring some with them. With the application, your workers can also make inventory reports and transfer assets while reporting their work. This way, reporting the consumption of detergents or spare parts and transferred devices keeps the stock information constantly updated. The identification of individual assets is also made easy by using NFC tags or QR codes, allowing the field force to simply read a tag or code, eliminating the need for reading smudged serial numbers and typing them in manually.

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